Our History

As a traditional family owned business, WMW has been manufacturing the finest woven stainless steel meshes since 5 decades under the Wires & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd. group. This is part of our wide range of Technical Textiles produced by us with different materials.

WMW develops and produces precision meshes with Stainless-steel, Phosphor bronze, Polymers and other high performance materials/alloy yarns. Our team works together with customers to develop standards and special solutions which suit them best. With such expertise across a range of applications, ready to install seamed sieves and outstanding service, we offer our customers a high degree of added value from the very beginning.

We realize that each customer has a specific need and specific operating conditions using specific raw material types to produce their unique product. We continuously develop our products and deliver in line with our customer requirements and market trends. Our success rate is compelling evidence of our comprehensive laboratory and process expertise. This customized product functionality is behind our reputation as a partner for individual process sieves solutions across the world.