We strive to be at the forefront of this race and innovation, perseverance & vision are the pillars of a modern day forward moving company. Over the past 2 decades of the existence, WMW has continually innovated in products and processes to come where we are today. We successfully converted our shuttle looms into rapier looms with indigenous technology and knowhow and today we operate all our machines on rapier technology.

We were the 1st in the country to indigenously develop the Plasma seam technology to be able to improve our seam and wire performance 2 fold to give our customers a direct competitive edge. Today, we are also able to offer special treatments which make us a complete solution provider for anything filtration. This truly sets us apart from others who offer a product but not a solution.

Technical Services

The WMW Application Service team are the cornerstone of our value proposition. They complement our unique sound technology base through their expertise and are able to gather valuable on-site information to funnel into the vast technical resources and competencies that are at the plant level. No two mills are same and our team understands this. Thus the most important aspect of a good solution is to understand what is different and what needs to be catered to.

Our trained and experienced team can assist you to identify key formation issues and help solve them consciously. We help our clients with Mounting, trouble shooting, new developments and other value added services which aid in getting better formation and better life form our meshes.

Each region has a set of individuals with varying specialties that are committed to working with the mill production personnel to optimize machine operations. Regular feedback of product performance, customer needs and dialogues with the customers are appraised intensely in different forums for formulating action plans for acquiring new technologies / equipment /materials and process changes. Application engineering is the key for any solution and this is very true in our case where our solution differs based on our study of the customer's requirements and needs.