Fiber Cement & Board Products

Fibre cement board has existed for more than a century but a constant evolution in technology has enabled its use as a sustainable and economic building material with a wide range of qualities. Since the evolution of stringent building standards during the years of early 2000, WMW has produced and supplied meshes to major players in the industry for the production of asbestos and asbestos free composites like Fiber cement, Fiber gypsum and Cement bonded particle boards. These have been used by various companies in the Indian sub-continent and across all climatic zones throughout the world which are produced using suitable CC and CCA based technology.

Our Sieves are well proven in drainage, compression, filtration and forming under temperature controlled processes to provide a mark free formation. We have developed specialty seams for this industry for a mark and rust free product.

Products for the industry

The products used in this industry and made to measure and can be customized for the specific application and need.
Most common products are:

Fiber Cement Board Panels Price

Form: The meshes can be Seamed / Endless meshes or in open ended cut to size roll form.

Material: AISI Stainless Steel - 304L, 310S, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 317L, 904L

Used as: Mould Covers | Diagonal Seam Covers | Thickener and Drum Covers | Cement Pipe Mould Covers | Pulping Fabrics | Sieves | Filtration Meshes

Cylinder mould cover

Cylinder Mould Covers

washer cover

Washer Covers

diagonal drum cover

Diagonal Drum Covers